ZACA at the Pound Net

This piece of art tells the story of six men fishing a Pound Net.  The equipment they used and the hard work these men endured.  My boat the ZACA is in the picture.  They are going to load the boat with herring, shad, etc.  The man in the middle with the dip net will hold over two bushel of fish.  This Pound Net is stationary and can’t be moved from one location to another.  The two men in the left and center are pulling the net full of fish and will dump the fish into the boat.  This net has to be marked with a lantern and should be filled and hung to a pole in the upper right of this picture.  The fish skiff that is inside the net is ued for many jobs.  About thirty or thirty two foot long, ten ft wide.  This type of fishing is still going on in the Chesapeake Bay and tributaries.  I certainly hope that it continues for the future commercial fishermen.